Spring has officially sprung and with the new season comes the urge to refresh. There’s no better way to welcome in the season with a good, old-fashioned spring cleaning, because there’s some definite truth in the saying, “a clean home is a happy home.” And while an annual cleaning is never effortless, you will benefit from the fruits of your labor all year round. Last year we put together this spring cleaning guide for the whole house, and this year we decided to simplify it into a checklist, to help make this years’ purge of your house, apartment, or condo more manageable and maybe even a little bit enjoyable.

Living Room

Dust and Polish Furniture

Wash/Steam Upholstered Furniture Covers

Steam Rug/Carpet

Wash/Steam Curtains

Change out Light Bulbs

Vacuum and Mop

Vacuum Floorboards

Dust Fans/Lighting

Sanitize Remote Controls


Throw Out Chipped Dishware

Wipe Down Countertops

Wash Sink with Comet

Wash Dishwasher*

Wipe Down Inside of Fridge

Replace Dish Towels

Sweep and Mop

Wipe Down Cabinets (Both Inside and Outside)

Clean Out Pantry/Toss Expired Food

Clean Oven Using Self-Clean Mode

* Fill a dishwasher safe bowl with vinegar. Place it on the bottom of the dishwasher and run a hot cycle. The vinegar will break down any residue that has built up.

Dining/Breakfast Area

Wipe Down and Polish Table and Chairs

Replace Light Bulbs

Sweep and Mop

Dust Hutch/China Cabinet


Unclog Shower Drain

Scrub Tub and Shower Walls

Mop Floors

Wipe Down Countertops and Sink

Clean Toilet

Windex Mirrors

Throw Out Expired Toiletries and Makeup

Replace Old Towels

Replace Shower Curtain Liner



Wash All Bedding

Deodorize Mattress with Baking Soda

Flip Mattress

Dust Furniture

Dust Fans

Clean Out Closets

Laundry Room

Clean Washing Machine

Clean Dryer Vent and Remove Lent

Vacuum Around and Behind Washer and Dryer

Throw Out Mismatched Socks