I have lived in the Brentwood- Crestview area for about 20 years. I have been involved in the Brentwood PTA. I am a member of the neighborhood association. I have volunteered at Brentwood Elementary, and during events such as the Violet Crown Festival and the neighborhood Oktoberfest, which is November 10th this year. As well as many more! Needless to say, I believe that it is so important, and not to mention fun, for you to become involved and aware of the community activities in your neighborhood.

Being involved in the neighborhood creates a sense of community for me and my family. I love checking in with my neighbors and knowing more about them than just their address. I love knowing that they are looking out for me and my kids at all times— when we are home on the weekend or on vacation.

Participating in neighborhood block parties and events are a great way to build relationships with those who live nearby. Whether you need someone to grab your mail and drag out your trash cans when you are out of town, get recommendations for baby and animal sitters, or find a teenager who can mow your lawn for $25 or rake your leaves come fall, being well-connected with your neighbors has so many benefits.

Knowing my neighbors allows me to feel more confident in my kids roaming the parks and neighborhood businesses with their friends. One of their favorites is the new Violet Crown Clubhouse, where the old pharmacy used to be. They are a neighbor-owned hangout offering locally made ice cream, New Orleans style snoballs, arcade games and a party/meeting room for rent. Before stopping by the clubhouse, families can grab a slice of the best pizza in town, at Little Deli and have a great conversation about your kids day on the walk home. I love running into my neighbors, and seeing new neighbors discover the amazing area they live in, with its sense of community and pride in our area.

If you live in the Brentwood-Crestview areas, I highly encourage you to join us November 10th for our annual Oktoberfest celebration. Waterloo Realty is sponsoring the event, and it is a wonderful way to meet neighbors and explore the area!

We can’t wait to see you there! 


Lisa Boone