The new year is finally here, so now it's time to start thinking about resolutions! This year, we are focusing on resolutions for your home that are attainable, sustainable, and can help support your personal growth throughout the year. Below are a few new years resolutions to try in 2023.

Organize the garage/shed/attic

Tackle it once and for all and your future self will thank you! Whether you invest in built-ins or purchase moveable shelves and containers, find a system that works for you. An organized home and garage will ultimately save you time, money and lots of future headache.

Deep clean and create a schedule for easy upkeep

That’s right. Get down to the baseboards, wipe clean exterior windows, clean out the pantry, and dust off the fans. Start the year with a deep clean and then maintain it throughout the year with a weekly, room-by-room checklist. This will help you maintain your personal goals throughout the year.

Find a landing place for every little thing

Get rid of those ever-growing stacks of mail, that pile of clothes that just won’t shrink no matter how much folding you seem to do, or any other cluttered corner that is perpetually ignored. Find a home for each and every item you bring inside. A decorative tray on an entry table or a hanging mail organizer is an easy item to incorporate into your decor for bills and letters. Have a bedroom chair that’s only purpose is to collect clothes? Stow it away in your garage or shed for a few months while you build the habit of properly putting away your clothing. Stock up on hangers, a large hamper, or even another dresser to ensure your clothing always has a place to go. If your dining table bears the brunt of your messiness, try setting it with placemats and charger plates so that it always looks nice and prevents unnecessary buildup.

Invest in quality, life-friendly furniture

We know that it’s so tempting to try out all the latest trends. Cottage-core, you say? count me in! All-white, Scandi-inspired interiors? You bet! But with all the time spent at home this year, it’s time we prioritize our lifestyles over current trends. Invest in pieces that will last and that can transition with your ever-evolving style.

Take a design risk

And sometimes you have to contradict yourself and try out a design risk that will take your home to the next level and make it truly your own. A fun wallpaper, a bold print, or a colorful piece of furniture is a low-risk, but high-payoff way to set your house apart from the rest!