If working from home is your new norm, it can be difficult to separate your personal life from your work life, especially if you don’t have a designated space to get into the zone. And for many of us, that’s the reality. So whether your office is in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, or just wherever you can find a quiet space, we tapped into Pinterest to find the most creative working from home solutions to get you back to business.

The Living Room Office

There are so many ways to get creative when setting up a living room office. Make your desk a focal point by situating it behind a floating couch. The desk becomes an extension of the couch and gives you an open view of the room. A small table lamp does double duty between work and relaxation and the desk’s close proximity to the couch allows you to conveniently set a glass of wine down during a movie night.

If you prefer a more hidden approach, opt for a secretary desk. These are usually smaller in size and are easy to fit into a corner or against a narrow wall. They fold up to hide away papers and other less-than-aesthetic work items. Plus, style the top with knick-knacks or photos to add more personality to your space.


The Kitchen Office

Extend your island or bar into a workspace by strategically placing a small desk against it. Keep the color neutral and pair it with a casual dining chair or short stool. Many kitchens also have built-in desk nooks, so take advantage of this feature if your home has one.

The Bedroom Office

Trade in your nightstand for a small desk that can function as your workspace during the day. Opt for wall lamps, placed between the bed and desk, to free up more table space. A mirror hung above the desk opens up space and allows the desk to serve as a vanity in the mornings.

The Stairs Office

With kids learning from home, partners in need of a quiet work space, and the home getting more use than ever before; a designated work space may be tricky to come by. The good news is, the internet is full of unexpected and creative solutions. Enter: the stairs. Turn a roomy staircase landing into an office with a secretary desk and floating shelves.

Or, take advantage of the area underneath the stairs by adding in a simple countertop or a freestanding desk.

Whether you are back in the office part-time or fully remote, we’d love to hear how you are finding creative solutions for working from home. Let us know in the comments below!