Temperatures are already rising in Texas and while we are excited for summer and all that it has to offer, we are dreading the 100+ degree weather. Beat the heat this summer and ensure that your home is ready for the summer months with these five tips:

Service your AC

Your air conditioning unit will be working overtime in the hot weather, which means that if there are any components that need fixing, they are sure to be exposed during summer. There’s nothing worse than having your AC break in the heat of summer, which is why getting it serviced during spring is the best time to get ahead of any problems. Change out filters, run your AC to make sure it is cooling properly and have a professional come out to clean the unit and replace any damaged or worn out parts.

Clean and Caulk Windows

This one is especially important for older homes. As houses shift during the changing temperatures, cracks and crevasses in windows and doorways can let the cold air out and the hot air in. Caulk any gaps in the window framing and while you’re at it, make sure the windows can open and close properly. Finally, make sure to clean your windows and reinstall screens to keep the mosquitos out.

Clean out Gutters

May and June are the rainiest months of the year in Texas, so make sure gutters are clear of debris for the rest of the summer. Hurricane season is in full swing during summer, so this step is extra important to ensure that your home can take on the heavier, albeit less frequent, downpours.

Check the attic

Head on up before the temperatures hit the triple digits. Check your attic for gaps and holes, animal droppings, and insulation that may need replacing. Clean out any animal waste (while wearing a mask!), patch up holes, and add insulation to keep your home as cool as possible.

Get Equipment Ready

Is it even summer if you don’t have to mow your lawn every week? Ensure that lawn mowers are working properly and full of fuel. Change out old fuel and oil, sharpen blades, and lubricate parts. This applies to your outdoor grill as well! Clean it out, stock up on coal, wood, or propane, and check to make sure it’s running properly for hassle-free grill outs!

Enjoy your summer, worry-free, knowing that your home is properly equipped to handle the heat!