Spring Home Maintenance Ideas

Spring Home Maintenance Ideas

Spring is a great time to get some maintenance done around the house to keep everything running smoothly as the temperatures start to rise leading into summer.


Wash windows and window screens. It is important not to forget to clean the screens , this will help keep pollen and other allergens to a minimum in the house.

Check gutters and downspouts and clean if necessary. This is important so that water will not pool in the gutters leading to mosquito breading grounds.

Check outside walls for damage or deterioration (e.g., brick work or siding repairs, peeling paint) This helps with keeping critters and more expensive damage from occurring.

Check your deck for water damage or stains. A pressure washer can help rid your deck of mold and moss. Keep your deck clean for those nights you are entertaining and grilling out.

Spread mulch around tree trunks and flower beds to increase the amount of water they can retain. This will help with lowering your water bill.


Check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, and replace batteries, if needed.

Check basement for cracks or leaks, dampness and mold.

Inspect kitchen and bath fixtures and prevent water damage by recaulking or regrouting countertops and tiles in the kitchen or bathroom as necessary.

Check clothes dryer vents and rid them of lint. Clean a clothes dryer vent

Declutter! Pick one closet every week to clean, reorganize and declutter. Donate the gently used items to charity and trash the rest.